The 3 Things You Need to Practice Everyday


  1. Scales: It sounds boring, it sounds old fashioned, and yes it’s cliché, but it is one of the best things you can do. Just running through 2 or 3 scales every day for a few minutes can increase finger speed and accuracy. The key with doing this is how you do it. With a metronome. Yes, you should use that annoying little clicking sound to get better. What it does is forces you to concentrate on hitting each note cleanly and on tempo. Start slow then build your way up. The best way is to find a tempo that’s just a little too fast then practice at a tempo a few clicks below that. Once you can play at that tempo speed it up. The goal is to speed up some every time until you reach blazing speeds!
  2. Timing: Break out that metronome! Play it slow. Play it fast. Use 4/4 time, 5/4 time, 7/4 time. It’s amazing how much difference it makes playing to a little click.
  3. The hard part of the song: That part that we always skip over because we don’t know the notes or it’s too fast. This is the part we should START our song practice with. What good does it do to practice the parts we already know and have down? Start with a small section. Don’t try to master it all at one time or even in one practice session. Pick out one chord or a short melody line of maybe 5 or 6 notes and get that down, repeat until you’ve mastered the whole section. Learn what’s there don’t try to squeeze it into what you already know. If you don’t know the chord pick out every note of the chord in the song and don’t use one you already know that’s close but not exact.

If you incorporate these 3 things into your practice every day you will get better in a shorter amount of time.

Learn it, practice it, master it!

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