The One Chord that Transformed my Playing

When I was looking to improve my playing and achieve a more urban sound I stumbled across one chord that completely transformed my sound. I went from simple three note chords and the classical sound to automatically sounding more gospel and urban just using this one chord. So what is this amazing chord? It’s the 7#5#9 chord. No it’s not nearly as complex to play as it looks. Below is an example of a G7#5#9 chord.                                   


What this chord does is alters the standard G7 chord most of us started out playing which consists of G and F in the left hand and B and F in the right hand. While there is definitely nothing wrong with the basic G7 chord it doesn’t have the gospel or urban sound I was searching for. The G7#5#9 adds the color tones of Eb and Bb and provides more tension before resolving to some kind of C chord. I like using this chord best as a passing chord before a C minor chord but it can also resolve to a C Major chord.

This chord is perfect for use as a passing chord for resolving to a minors. The G7#5#9 chord resolves beautifully into a Cmin7add11 chord shown below.



 Once I learned this chord I was playing it in every song and turnaround I could manage. Automatically I went from being down on my playing to feeling like maybe, just maybe, I could transform my style and sound how I truly wanted. So, take this chord, learn it, practice it, and master it so that it can hopefully transform the way you think about your own playing.



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